Sushis, sushis and more sushis

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For a quick lunch in the centre of Montreal, you can always count on Wasabi to be open. Right on Queen Mary Street, you can’t miss it!  As you walk by, if it’s not during winter, you will be amazed at how pretty the neighbourhood is. It is quite residential and not like Downtown Montreal so there are less people but still remains a pretty vivid place.

What to Get

For starters, I always enjoy getting the seaweed salad, the sauce is sweet and definitely is the highlight of this entrée. The miso soup is also very good and especially amazing during a Montreal winter. I then get sushi rolls, I usually like to keep them simple such as rice and salmon as you can see above. The fish is fresh and the rolls are perfectly made.

I usually ask for the Kami Maki, which are rolls.

What’s also perfect about this restaurant are the big windows there are. They face the streets so you can be sure to never be in the dark.

Don’t forget to stop by Wasabi if you’re heading to Montreal! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

5410 Chemin Queen Mary, Montréal, QC H3X 2K9