It was so delicious, I ate there twice. I even had my Valentine Day dinner there! To all my hungry readers, if you are visiting Israel for the summer, you all better head to Salta.

The Restaurant

Cozy and charming. What else does a restaurant need? Salta is a medium-sized but spacious restaurant in the city of Ra’anana. There are always people coming in and out of this incredible place. The restaurant has a bar, tables in front and in the back hidden. The music playing always gives off the best atmosphere to eat and drink. The decoration is what I found best! There are vinyl discs, old vintage books and statues, and fresh vegetables on display. The tables and chairs are wooden and you will really know what I mean when I say this place relates to the countryside.

The Food

The most important part now. THE FOOD! Did I like it? I loved it! First of all, the restaurant is a dairy one, sorry meat lovers! The menu is diverse and includes grilled salmon, a various choices of salads and so many options for pasta. The first time I went, I had penne topped tomato sauce. By now, you guys must know that this is my favorite dish so I know how to compare a bad and good one. Salta impressed me by the freshness of their tomato sauce; it was incredible! All of my friends got different things and because I was so curious, I tasted a bit of it all. Everything was so good!

The best thing I ordered from Salta? Definitely the beetroot salad that you can see right below.

Although this was delicious, keep on scrolling and you’ll see how good the pasta look!


And of course, we couldn’t finish off our meal without a CRAZY GOOD cheesecake! This is my boyfriend’s favorite desert and he was so pleased with Salta’s recipe! It was definitely a great night. I will be back Salta!

Did you guys know Salta is a city in Argentina known for it’s Spanish architecture? Maybe that’s why the design of this restaurant is so intriguing… to be discussed!

Rambam St 10, Ra’anana, 43602