Even 5 hours before heading to the airport, staying at home wasn’t an option! Before going to Prater, we finished our suitcases and then hopped on the next train to visit this amusement park. Once again, it was full of small Christmas markets since it was the holidays season. There was booth with food, Christmas decorations and all kinds of charming things.

Some rollercoasters were closed since it was a Sunday (almost everything is closed on Sundays in Europe) but luckily, our favourites were open. Not going to lie, heights could scare me a little and so hopping on those giant swings really took me a lot of courage (the man even laughed at me because I was screaming I want to go down)! But once your up there swinging around the air, you don’t want to come down! We not only got the nicest panoramic view of entire Vienna, but it was also the best time of the day since the sun was setting right beneath our eyes; it was unreal!

Before leaving Prater, we also went in the haunted house which was the reason I lost my voice the few hours that came afterwards.

Vienna was such an enjoyable trip. 4 days was short but I feel immensely proud and happy I got to see and do everything I wanted to over there. If anyone has questions on some places and tips on places to go visit there, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for stopping by today, xx

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