Stadttempel, one of the most precious place to go to in Vienna.

When you are visiting Austria, you will find yourself wandering about the Second World War a few times a day. I guess it’s just a normal thought since the catastrophe of the war started in Germany and Austria.

The synagogue we visited is one of the most ancient ones, located on one little street making it not visible if you’re just walking by it.

Constructed in 1824 and 1826, the Synagogue was built in between other buildings where Catholics used to come and worship their Gods. Ironically, this saved the Synagogue during the war in 1939. The Nazis didn’t want to touch or burn it because of all the other buildings that were around, touching the Synagogue. Call it a miracle, this Synagogue was the only one out of the 93 Synagogues in Vienna to stay intact, and survive the war.

We went to pray there on Saturday morning and the architecture left us speechless. The roundness of the place really gives a charming and cozy feeling, you really do feel comfortable praying there. Something funny is that you can hear someone from the other side even if they whisper; since the place is so round, I guess the echo is louder.

Even if you aren’t Jewish, visiting the Synagogue is a must to know a bit about what happened only 70 years ago.

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The Pictures of Stadttempel