Having lunch with a good view really changes it all. But having lunch in the mountains and in the high altitude of 2200 m from the ground is simply unbelievable.

About Crans

Crans is already a village that’s pretty high up in the mountains. Today, we decided to take the cabins to go eat right in the middle of nowhere. Let me just tell you all that it was a paradise on earth. Because of the climate change, skiing was really bad this year. And so, most of the people had a hard time going down the mountains. We took a cabin to go up the mountains. We were the only one getting out of the cabin with regular shoes on. Sorry not sorry!

The Food

We then headed to the restaurant which was a 5 minute walk from the cabin. The air was so thin since we were so high up and I found it hard to breath, especially because of the view in front of us. Inside the wooden restaurant, people were eating raclette, fondue and other Swiss things that smelled delicious! We started with a vegetable soup and some ”viande des grisons” or Bündnerfleischthe which is the famous air-dried Swiss meat.

As for our meals, we got a big cheesy fondue with bread, and röstis, another Swiss meal that consists of potatoes with goat cheese on top; it was fabulous! Eating all of it in high altitude really made it ten times more special!

Even though we were so full and nothing could be put in our mouth anymore, we went with the Apple Crumble for desert and a classic hot chocolate with whipped cream that was too good to be eaten! I highly recommend this place for anyone that gets to go to Crans! If you’re skiing, you can stop by and have something, and if you are not… well just put on your regular shoes like us!

Cabane des Violettes CAS, Crans Montana