Come explore what a Bahamas sunset looks like!

These pictures were taken the last night of my trip on San Salvador Island and I sure will miss this beautiful sunset as well as walking barefoot by the beach when the sun sets.

Like I said in my other blog post, the sunset is what left me completely in love with this place. Everything about the pictures below is perfect. And trust me guys, it was nicer in real life!


What’s not to like about sunsets? They’re so relaxing to watch. Just looking at the sun slowly going downwards and then hiding under the sea is just incredible. Like, where do you go sun! Not only the sky changes into a range of different beautiful shades but the sea changes colors well. I could probably sit an entire late afternoon watching it go down, call me obsessed!

Sorry not sorry but yes, I am getting emotional about sunsets. Can you blame me?

Are sunsets your favourite part of the day as well? Some would say sunrise. I think that would also be my faovirte thing to watch but waking up at 6 am is just not my thing.

I’m going to enjoy my last few hours before heading to the airport. I will miss the Bahamas!

The Sunset

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