5 Reasons why Sisters are Awesome

Don’t get me wrong, having a brother is great too. But this article is dedicated to all of the sisters out there. The oldest, the youngest, the ones that borrow your clothes without permission and the ones that share their deepest secrets with you. Here are 5 reasons why sisters are awesome.¬†Ilana, this one’s for you too!

1. Sisters Know Best

Either you have an older or a younger sister, sisters know best. As an older sister, I have years of experience in comparison to my younger sister so I feel I can guide her into the best direction there is for her. On the other hand, my younger sister gives me the best advice too because she doesn’t overthink or is too emotionally involved. I guess it’s weird getting advice from your little sister, but she always ends up being right, and that’s the most beautiful thing there is.

2. Having two Closets

Of course, the two closets. I hope you guys didn’t think I would forget to mention this. There was a point when I hated sharing my clothes with my sister. She was ten and borrowed some of my shirts, but I couldn’t take anything from her cause of our age difference. Today, she’s 15, i’m 23 and we share most of our stuff. Not all of it, but some of it! It’s always fun mix and matching things we both have in our closet and I hope it continues as the year go by!

3. Constantly Finding Activities Together

Having a sister is great because you can find any activities to do together. Actually I guess that’s the same for brothers but it’s different when my brother wants to play video games, and I want to get my nails done. Whenever I am in need of a face mask, I know who to ask! My sister and I are always up for a little pampering session and either it’s a spa day at home or getting some shopping done, it is always more fun to do with your sister by your side.

4. Things to talk About

There are many things that are so much better to speak about with your sister. She’s another woman, she understands you, she knows you and vice versa. The gossip, the family drama, friendship, relationship issues, everything girl stuff related, it is so nice to be able to talk to another girl about girl stuff.

5. Sisters Always Have your Back

Not everybody has your best intention and that is something I learned throughout the year. However, your family does, especially your siblings. You can, at least from my experience, always count on them for no judgement and always wanting your best.

We are so caught up in our day to day busy lives that we often forget to tell our siblings how much we appreciate and love them. As an older sister, I feel I have a responsibility to teach, guide, and be the best version of myself for my younger sister to have as an example of young women in today’s society. I am immensely grateful to be the oldest and I wonder if you guys have sisters too, are the oldest, the youngest, or in the middle!

If you have an older or little sister, make sure to send them this article! Let’s see if you guys can relate to what I wrote! Thanks for reading, xx