22 Years Old

Yesterday, I posted a baby picture of me on Instagram story and wrote: 22 in a week. Mood.

Someone wrote back to me saying: you should be proud of everything you’ve achieved at ONLY 22 years old! And I never thought of it, but it’s true! I have achieved so much by now and I couldn’t be prouder of my hard work. So here is a list of 22 things I have achieved and I am proud of. Ready to read it all?

The List

  1. I moved out from Montreal to study abroad for 3 years.
  2. Getting a BA program and starting an MA one in the fall.
  3. Moving to NYC in August to study Fashion Studies.
  4. Having my own blog, website, and basically, brand.
  5. Having collaborated with hotels, restaurants, clothing and beauty products.
  6. Always getting amazing grades at school, except for maths in high school.
  7. Having an online portfolio with all my articles I wrote for magazines in Israel.
  8. Having two years of work experience in Israel.
  9. Keeping in touch with the friends that matters most.
  10. To be drawing cartoons again.
  11. Getting orders from various people to draw logos, cartoons and design work.
  12. I am proud of all the dinners, lunches and breakfasts I have prepared since living alone. I do not like cooking.
  13. Traveling around during those three years abroad!
  14. Becoming friends with people from ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Thank you IDC Herzliya.
  15. Kept in touch with my family almost everyday during those three years abroad.
  16. To have met some blogger through Instagram.
  17. Proud of sticking with a workout program for 12 weeks and a strict diet from times to times.
  18. Participating in activities or programs that the school offers.
  19. I applied to the MASA Influencer’s program and have made amazing connections and relationships.
  20. Finishing up CEGEP in Studio Arts program in Montreal.
  21. I had my FIRST ever TV interview in Tel Aviv.
  22. Something I cannot speak about just yet, BUT I AM TOO PROUD OF WHAT IS COMING UP!

There you go guys! This is my list of 22 things I have achieved at almost 22 years old. My birthday is next week and I will keep this list in mind! I cannot wait for the next years to come and all the other things I will do.

Thanks for reading, xx