A Mickey Mouse 1980’s Statement Jean Jacket

//A Mickey Mouse 1980’s Statement Jean Jacket

Have you ever stole clothes from your mom? Yup, same!

A statement jean jacket can never run out of style! It’s true, you can wear it with anything and anywhere. This one is pretty special however due to its enormous size and weight. It doesn’t look heavy when you see it but boy, I was sore after this shoot!

My mom used to wear this at 15 years old and she probably rocked it! Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the perfect outfit to style it with for this post is just to show you guys the details of the vest.

The Jacket

The whole entire back is made out of a Mickey Mouse beach towel that is sewed to the jean fabric. Isn’t that awesome? I wonder where they found this towel but it really is a cool one!

Next up, the pockets on the sides are actually from actual jeans pockets. Another super cool detail I cannot stop obsessing over.

As you can see below, the jacket is obviously NOT to dry up your hair after a dip in the pool. I just couldn’t help showing you all the irony in this perfect vest!

Do you guys have a vintage jacket that your mom got a while ago? I’d love to know! xx

I have tons of new restaurants to share with you all so I am super excited about the next blog posts coming along! Stay tuned!

Pictures by the amazing Sarina Pruschy


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  1. Kamen Kamenov May 30, 2017 at 12:40 pm - Reply

    this jacket is absolutely amazing… i love the vibrant colors and the oversized fit of it

  2. Daisy June 7, 2017 at 9:09 am - Reply

    I love your jacket… it’s sweet… you ROCK… would be looking forward to get more ideas on clothing

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