Mason Jars and Flower Crowns in Caesarea

//Mason Jars and Flower Crowns in Caesarea

My Girls and I

To start off this post, I’d love to congratulate my gorgeous friend Rachel on getting married, if it wasn’t for her, my girls and I would never have been invited to this beautiful venue in the first place. Rachel got invited to visit the venue for her wedding with 3 friends as plus ones and I obviously couldn’t say no!

I wish I took more pictures of all the amazing details the venue had to offer us. There was five huge booth with different kind of food, two enormous bars with any kind of drinks you possibly would want and on top of it all,  there was a flower crown booth where handmade fresh pink flower crowns were made right in front of you.

While walking into the entrance of the venue ,a wooden table with fresh ice tea was right in under our eyes and we poured ourselves some of it into cute mason jars with colorful straws. We then headed to the Japanese booth as the chef was making salmon tartare on little wooden boats as plates, it was lovely and delicious! The music was perfect and the sound of the ocean that was surrounding us made the day unforgettable. We might have been dressed appropriately for a venue visit, but bringing a swimming suit wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

Ah, it was the perfect day! The venue, located in Caesarea, a town in Israel located midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa, was the perfect place to be at that day. The weather was windy but it wasn’t too cold nor too hot.

Oh and heads up, Rachel didn’t pick end up picking this venue for her wedding but at least we got to visit it and got a taste of everything that goes with it!



My Girls and I


View of the Venue


My Girls and I

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